Miyako, Iwate 2006. Photo: Quinlan Faris

Jodogahama (literally “Pureland Bay”) features a stunning landscape of jagged white rocks jutting from the ocean. During low tide, it’s possible to walk out among them and the more daring can attempt to reach some of the higher areas by climbing up sharp rock protrusions in search of the perfect lookout point. There is also a narrow paved path that curves along the coastline from the beach to a small marine harbor where paddleboats are available. Despite its proximity to Miyako City proper, there is plenty of unspoiled wilderness around the Jodogahama area for an hour or so of hiking. During the summertime the white sand beach here makes for a great swimming spot.


Location: Miyako, Iwate

Access: Take the Iwate Kenhoku bus bound for Oku Jodogahama from JR Miyako Station. It takes about 20 minutes, and you get off at the last stop.

Admission: Free!

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